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Joomla iSEO extension got important security fix!

​We have been alerted about major security breach in Joomla iSEO extension and immediately went to work to patch the issue and immediately deliver the fix to you.Due the severity and malicious nature of the issue, we will refrain from disclosing more details about the exploit, but everyone is urged to update immediately to preserve the database int...

Joomla iSEO extension with new alt text manager and Joomla update notification is released!

​Joomla iSEO extension in version 3.1.17 brings two new exciting features.

Keyword Research: Learning From the Competition

​Doing your homework on what is relevant to your Joomla websites can make a lot of difference in the road to higher rankings. One aspect you should definitely look into is identifying the kind of keywords you should be focusing on. This requires knowledge of what is trending on the internet, and that's going to be based on what people are actually ...
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Working with Spiders: Beam Us Up

Doing SEO is all about working with great detail. That’s why you do research on your own keywords, links, and content as well as those of your competition. The slightest error could make the difference between rankings. Thankfully, you have crawlers like Beam Us Up to help give you insights and information about how your website is doing.

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Why You Should Add a Blog to your Joomla Website

Ever wonder why most websites have a blog version of their company website? It’s because blogs make so much of a difference with SEO. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to optimize your Joomla site for search engines is to add a blog to it.

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Using Adwords to Boost Your Joomla SEO

Once you get a good idea of what kind of keywords you should try out for your Joomla website, you’ll want a reliable SEO tool that will help you analyze the viability of these keywords. Perhaps one of the best options available is Google Adwords. The good thing about this tool is that even entry level website owners can learn how to make the most out of these, with a little help from an SEO tutorial or two.

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Tracking Your Competition’s Best Content

Knowing as much as you can about what your competitors are up to is just as important as being familiar with your own Joomla website’s activities. But it’s not just about looking at the content. If you want to compete with other sites within your niche, you’ve got to look at the best content that they have to offer. That way, coming up with better content than what they have will give you the edge to climb the ranks.

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Three Important Factors on Backlinks

Backlinks can be a commonly heard term in Joomla SEO, but very few completely understand how it impacts the entire system, and fewer know the other factors that affect backlinks as well. In its Joomla SEO tutorial, Melbourne SEO Services discusses the dynamics of using backlinks and what you need to keep in mind when working with them.

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Simple HTTP Monitoring with Web Sniffer

Looking for a quick way to evaluate the basics of your Joomla website without having to download or install SEO plugins or extensions? Try one that’s based on the web! Web-sniffer.net can be accessed from your browsers, so it will be performing its task straight from its website – no need to activate extensions or plugins!

Simply put, Web-sniffer.net is designed to catch the server requests and responses and show them to you. It works even on HTTPs sites. After putting in the URL, the site will give you information on three main things, namely:

  • The HTTP Request Header;
  • The HTTP Response Header; and
  • Both decoded and encoded content.

There are different request methods that you can use. This includes GET, TRACE, POST, or HEAD. These modes will interact with different user-agents of your choice, the most common being Safari, IE, Chrome, and Firefox, which are all pre-built. Just be mindful of the specific versions of the browsers because it takes time for the site to emulate newer ones. The SEO tool is limited that way.

It does make up for that limited, however, by offering a simple SEO tool for checking basic site information. It doesn’t give you the same on-hand perspective as Google Webmaster, but it does give extra features, depending on the user-agent you’re using. It’s highly recommended as a must-use tool for express HTTP monitoring, which you’ll need to do from time to time when working to improve your Joomla SEO.

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Optimizing with SEO Quake

Perhaps one of the best extensions Joomla website users can have when optimizing their site is SEO Quake. It’s a plugin for Firefox but it works as an extension for Google Chrome as well. It can be easily downloaded from their respective extension/plugin sites (i.e. Chrome store) to conveniently view information about the sites that you want to analyze, may it be your own Joomla site or a competitor’s.

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Let Screaming Frog Give Your Perspective

Being able to get a clear overview of your site’s activity and statistics is crucial for better SEO results and eventually higher rankings. While doing this manually or without tools on startup Joomla websites that are still small, the data can get to voluminous in the long run. So for medium to large Joomla websites, you’re going to want to invest in a more precise SEO crawler. If so, then Screaming Frog is the tool for you.

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Getting ready for Joomla SEO: A Webinar

If you think you already know how to go about the basic steps of Joomla SEO, you might want to look into this free webinar by Cloud Access. In this video, Joomla User Group (JUG) member Son Koral gives Joomla SEO tips for making the most of Joomla 3.0.According to the web architect, it's important to be able to identify if there are any problems wi...
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In Google’s Eyes – Fetch as Google Bot

Of all the tools for SEO Google has to offer, the “Fetch as Google Bot” is perhaps one of the most useful. This will let you see for yourself what exactly Google sees when it crawls your own Joomla website. Sometimes we encounter errors of different kinds that we can’t seem to properly troubleshoot. More often than not, being able to see exactly what coding is returned to the Googlebot crawler can help you spot the problem.

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Finding the Right Sites for Backlinks

How do you know if a website is likely to create a link that would lead to your Joomla website? These sites are the kinds that are already up and running, linking to competitor websites but not to you. Chances are, they will be interested to link to your Joomla website because they’ll profit from it one way or another, but they just don’t know that you exist yet.

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Ahref Positions Explorer: Know Your Strongest Keywords

Figuring out which keywords can give your Joomla website better chances at climbing the ranks is best done with a comprehensive tool that gives you the information in different aspect. One of the best SEO extensions Joomla users can work with is the Ahref Positions Explorer – a simple keyword searching tool that promotes profitable and organic keyword use.

Using it is simple – just input your domain on the search bar, and everything else is done for you! The results will yield a number of relevant information, including:

  • An estimate count on organic keywords and monthly organic traffic;
  • Your ten biggest competitors (based on the domain entered);
  • Position distribution of keywords, which is set in a simple graph;
  • Your top 5 organic keywords; and
  • Your top 5 pages.

The tables and charts will provide more information when you mouse over them and the columns contain most of the information you need, such as the amount of traffic that goes through each keyword, their corresponding results, and the last time the data was updated. There are also lots of SEO tips to help you get used to the interface.

Positions Explorer

But that’s just the overview. The positions explorer will also let you look closer into the organic keywords, identifying the position on each one and their respective volumes. You will also be able to view the top sites that use these keywords and the amount of traffic they’re associated with. This is definitely one of the best SEO tools that Joomla website owners can take advantage of in improving their Joomla SEO.

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Ahref Keyword Explorer: Fast and Simple Keyword Reporting

Keywords are a very important aspect to improving the ranking of Joomla websites. While coming up with the best keywords can be complicated sometimes, it doesn’t have to be with the right tools. With Ahref’s release of its Keyword Explorer, Joomla users yet have another tool to add to their Joomla SEO book. It lets you find the more relevant choices of keywords while giving you estimated traffic statistics in a neat, user-friendly interface.

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ISEO 3.1.13 Released

iSEO 3.1.13 has been released and is now available for downloaded from your account here. This release included a few bug fixes and the ability to add title tags for images. View the full change log 

Don't have iSEO yet? Purchase your copy here and get more FREE traffic & more hits! iSEO has Support for JomSocial, Kunena, K2, Zoo & EasyBlog!

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Ahref Content Explorer: Get the Latest on Top Content

Knowing and working with different kinds of content on your website is just as important as managing its different backlinks. But because what content “good” can involve so many factors, you’ll need SEO tools that will help you monitor not only the activity of your content but that of others as well. The Ahref Content explorer makes content monitoring and analysis much easier and more accurate, making the tool perfect for the job.

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iSEO Gets a Makeover and Integrates with JomSocial

Great news! We’ve just released a new version of iSEO (formally known as iJoomla SEO), version 3.1.0. It’s packed with exciting new upgrades.

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iJoomla SEO Now Available for Joomla 3!

It’s here at last! The new version of iJoomla SEO for Joomla 3.x is finally ready! Now you can easily optimize your Joomla 3 site for search engines and pick up all of that lovely and free search traffic.  

What’s new in iJoomla SEO for Joomla 3.x?

New Admin Interface

The new admin is powered by bootstrap and is much, much  easier to use.

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