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Getting ready for Joomla SEO: A Webinar

If you think you already know how to go about the basic steps of Joomla SEO, you might want to look into this free webinar by Cloud Access. In this video, Joomla User Group (JUG) member Son Koral gives Joomla SEO tips for making the most of Joomla 3.0.

According to the web architect, it's important to be able to identify if there are any problems with the website before jumping right into the usual SEO techniques like exploring keywords and figuring out page rankings. A good tool set for analyzing a website would be a combination of Quick Site Analysis and the SEO Quake Plugin. Running these two together alone will already give you a good idea of what parts of your website need to be fixed, such as the title, descriptions, headers, tags, etc. Doing this not only lets you solve the problem but also helps you avoid tweaking anything that doesn't need fixing in the first place.

Taking time to understand the most basic Joomla SEO tools is very important for a more efficient long term results as well. Among these include:

  • Having a good idea of how Google Analytics work;
  • Knowing your way around webmaster tools; and
  • Identifying the best SEO extensions Joomla users can work with.

Finally, it's also important to not dig too deep into the Joomla website on your first few attempts at improving its page rankings. A clear understand of what each change or input does will help you have more precise control over your website's content when raising the level of your Joomla SEO in the long run.

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