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In Google’s Eyes – Fetch as Google Bot

Of all the tools for SEO Google has to offer, the “Fetch as Google Bot” is perhaps one of the most useful. This will let you see for yourself what exactly Google sees when it crawls your own Joomla website. Sometimes we encounter errors of different kinds that we can’t seem to properly troubleshoot. More often than not, being able to see exactly what coding is returned to the Googlebot crawler can help you spot the problem.

The SEO tool comes in two modes. The first one is the quick check mode. All you have to do is to specify a URL and you’ll be able to view what the response that would actually be sent to Google. This mode is straightforward and convenient – ideal for spotting basic issues and redirects on your website.

The second mode digs a lot deeper. It’s called the Fetch and Render mode, and it does more with the URL that you supply. It takes all the references to your URL, including images, CSS, JS files, etc. Everything then is rendered into an image (hence, the name) that you can use to visually compare how your own coding appears to you.

Accessing this SEO tool is pretty easy. Go to your Webmaster Tools page and you’ll find it under the Crawl menu, labelled as “Fetch as Google Bot.” You can then enter your URL in the text box and specify whether you want to quick check or the fetch and render mode. The ability to make this comparison in perspectives will definitely help you do better with your Joomla SEO.

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