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iJoomla SEO Now Available for Joomla 3!

It’s here at last! The new version of iJoomla SEO for Joomla 3.x is finally ready! Now you can easily optimize your Joomla 3 site for search engines and pick up all of that lovely and free search traffic.  

What’s new in iJoomla SEO for Joomla 3.x?

New Admin Interface

The new admin is powered by bootstrap and is much, much  easier to use.

iJoomla SEO's new admin,activate images to see

Horizontal Navigation

The horizontal navigation gives you easy access to every section of iJoomla SEO.

New Keywords Manager

Our old Keywords Manager had been causing a few problems, particularly syncing with third party extensions such as K2. So we made a lot of changes. This completely new version won’t populate the Keywords Manager automatically from your articles keyword tags. Now you have complete control. You can enter as many keywords as you want manually, separating them with commas. You will be able to focus on the keywords that really matter to you — and you won’t have any more sync issues.
New keywords manager - activate images to see

New Installer

Now you can install and update iJoomla SEO with just one click. Just click the Install button on the Installer, and it’s yours! When we next release a new version, you’ll receive a notification and will be able to upgrade easily by clicking the Upgrade button.
New installer. Activate images to see it.

Tested To Perfection

This version was tested thoroughly. We can’t guarantee there are no bugs at all, of course, but I don’t expect you to find many.

What can you do with iJoomla SEO?

  • Manage all your meta tags in one place.
  • Track your keywords on Google.
  • Optimize your pages for search engines.
  • Automatically add alt tags with keywords to images.
  • Create automatic links to reinforce your keywords.
  • Create indirect URLS with nofollow to stop your site bleeding.
  • And much more!

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Check out the demo

If you want to see iJoomla SEO in action, visit our live demo site today! (username: demo, password: demo)

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