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Tracking Your Competition’s Best Content

Knowing as much as you can about what your competitors are up to is just as important as being familiar with your own Joomla website’s activities. But it’s not just about looking at the content. If you want to compete with other sites within your niche, you’ve got to look at the best content that they have to offer. That way, coming up with better content than what they have will give you the edge to climb the ranks.

But what constitutes the best kinds of content? Based on SEO tips and tutorials, you’ll find that the best kinds of content do either of three things:

  • They make the site become popular in social media
  • They attract lots of backlinks
  • They bring in lots of traffic from Google

Sometimes good content can do all these, but even those that just do one or two will make a lot of difference with your Joomla SEO. And depending on what your goals are, what is good content for your site will vary.

Even the SEO tools you’ll be using will be different. For example, some tools will assess social media activity like SocDir while Google Analytics, among other tools, can give you reports on incoming traffic from Google. But there are also tools that can give you information on all of them, such as the Ahrefs and Majestic SEO that will show you statistics on all three criteria in a column.

Once you know what your competition’s best content are, you need to work on coming up with content that can beat them. That way, people will share your content more, link back to your site more, and get more traffic, all of which will help boost your Joomla SEO in the long run.

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