I Don’t Know Anything About SEO. Where Can I Learn About It?

We offer a great Joomla SEO course. The course will teach you everything you need to know about Joomla and SEO in 52 easy video tutorials. We highly recommend it! We also offer a couple of excellent SEO eBooks.

Is iSEO Available for Joomla 2.5 and 3.5?

No, Since Jooma2.5 no longer supported by Joomla we only support Joomla 3.x version.

Can I Install iSEO on More Than One Domain?

Yes, you can install iSEO on more than one domain. However, we only provide support to the domain you register with us at time of purchase.

Does iSEO Handle Duplicate URLS?

No, iSEO doesn't handle duplicate URLs, redirects or any other URL issues. iSEO focuses on helping you do SEO as fast as possible as well as monitor your keywords on Google.

Does iSEO Generate SEF URLs?

No, but these extensions will do that for you:

  • Sh404SEF
  • Core Joomla
  • SEF Advanced

How Should I Write My Page Description?

The description metatag summarizes page content and may encourage clicks in search results. Some search engines use the description to help categorize pages, but more importantly, the page description may also appear in search results. A clear and persuasive description may not boost your search engine ranking, but it may encourage prospective customers to visit your site.

It’s important that your description metatag is readable and interesting, no longer than 256 characters, and also features one or two keywords that appear on the page, preferably placed near the beginning of the description.

If you’re struggling to think of a description, try using the first sentence or two from your page. iSEO automatically does this for you.

How Should I Write My Keywords?

Choosing the right keywords is the first step to a better search engine ranking. Here’s how to do it:

What Should I Enter in My Title Metatag?

Your title metatag should be concise, descriptive and unique to each page. Do not include more than ten words and make sure that they accurately reflect the page's content.

I’ve Never Bothered to Add ALT Metatags to My Images. Can iSEO Help Me?

Sure. iSEO will automatically create an alt and title tag to your images from the keywords of the page. This is a super fast way to make sure you’re compliant and optimized for search engines.

Will I Lose All of My Information If I Need to Upgrade iSEO?

No, but it’s good practice to create a backup of your database first.

Will I Lose All My SEO If I Uninstall iSEO?

No. The keywords and description metatags you’ve created in the individual articles will appear on the right of the article but you will not see the title metatags. They're only displayed in iSEO plugin.

Will Installing iSEO Damage My Current SEO?

No. If you’ve already added descriptions and keywords metatags, you'll see them in the Metatag Manager. You can then choose to keep them or modify them. To auto-generate metatags without affecting your current tags, simply select only the articles you want to modify.

Why Should I Replace Joomla Classes with HTML Headings?

Google (and other search engines) rely on page headings to determine what’s important on the page. If your article title has an obscure class such as “contentheading,” then Google won’t consider it important. Replace this class or add a heading tag to it, such as H1, and Google will make sense of your page and rank you higher.

Are Metatags Important? I’ve Heard SEO Experts Say They’re Not That Significant Anymore.

Keywords and descriptions metatags are not as important as they used to be for some search engines. But the title metatag is still considered by experts to be the most important element for SEO and description metatags are used to create the snippet that appears on the search engine search results. Even if it doesn’t affect your search engine results, it will certainly affect your click-through rate.

How Much Time Can iSEO Save Me?

iSEO will save you 95% of the time it will take you to perform the same functions for SEO. Feel free to use our demo site and see for yourself. Doing SEO the old fashioned way can take days; days that could be better spent growing your site.

Why Do I Need iSEO? Doesn’t Joomla Already Handle SEO?

Joomla's SEO capabilities are limited and slow. For example, Joomla doesn’t allow publishers to assign a title metatag to an article. Instead, article titles are used automatically as the title metatag even though the title of the article rarely contains keywords.

iSEO allows you to assign a title metatag for each article so you can optimize keywords and phrases.

What Is the nofollow Tag?

nofollow is a non-standard HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index. Using nofollow tag will prevent your site from bleeding Google PageRank.

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