Joomla SEO Mistakes

Joomla SEO Mistake #6 - Not automating boring SEO tasks

Mistake number 6 is not automating mundane and boring SEO tasks. Some SEO tasks are just dull — so we avoid doing them.

For example, every time you add an image to an article, you need to have both an alt and a title tag. It’s another opportunity to put keywords inside the article without spamming. In my experience, a lot of people don't bother. That can really hurt your SEO.

You should also be adding internal links to pages inside your site. For example, I should really add a link to my home page every time the phrase "joomla extensions" shows up on my site. I don’t always remember.

So what's the solution?

There is a tool that allows you to do all these mundane tasks automatically: iJoomla SEO.

iJoomla SEO can take both the alt and the title tag for images automatically from keywords:


It also allows you to set up automatic internal links, so that every time a certain phrase shows up, it will link to a relevant page automatically.

Use iJoomla SEO and you will never have to remember to do these tasks ever again!

Video Tutorial:

How to add alt tag to all your images automatically using iJoomla SEO:

Automatically Link a Keyword/Phrase to an Article:


Automatically Link a Keyword/Phrase to a Menu Item:


Automatically Link a Keyword/Phrase to an External URL:


Video Tutorial:

How to create automatic internal links with iJoomla SEO:

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