Joomla SEO Mistakes

Joomla SEO Mistake #2 - Not using SEF URLs

Mistake number 2 is not using SEF — Search Engine Friendly — URLs.

URLs can look like this:

...and a bunch of other weird variables.

That’s not just long. It's also impossible to know what the page is about, it’s hard to remember and difficult to describe to people who want to reach your page. Most importantly, it's not search engine friendly because it doesn't contain any keywords!

A SEF URL, like:

is short, simple and provides an opportunity to include keywords, which will help your ranking.

The good news is that the new version of Joomla comes with SEF, and it works pretty well. However, if you want better control of your URLs, you might want to pick up an SEF extension. There are a few available and they are listed here below.

So make sure your site has SEF and that you have keywords inside the URL.

SEF extensions

Extension Price
SEF Advanced €28
sh404 $35
JoomSEF $26.9
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