Joomla SEO Mistakes

Joomla SEO Mistake #1 - Ignoring the title tag

Mistake number 1 is ignoring the most important thing for SEO: the title tag. The title tag is the text that appears above the browser bar when you view a page.

Search engines like Google use this title tag to find information about the page. Without the right information, you will not get a good ranking.

And when I say information, I mean keywords. You want to put the page’s keywords inside that title tag.

But Joomla doesn't allow you to enter a title tag for your articles. Instead, it uses the article title as the title tag. Stuff the title of the article with keywords though and you’ll end up with an unattractive article.

So what's the solution? You’ll need to add a tool — like iJoomla SEO — that lets you enter the title tags directly:

iJoomla SEO meta tags manager

You’ll be able to make sure that all your articles, menu items and any other pages on your site have a title tag — and that this title tag includes your most important keywords.

Read about iJoomla SEO's Meta Tags Manager and see how you can easily add the title tag and manage the rest of your meta tags
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