Stylize Keywords

Automatically add bold and italic tags to your keywords, to emphesis their importance to search engines.

SettingsSearch engines look at several elements on a page to determine which words are the most important. Such elements include bold, italic and underlined words. The goal of using such font styles is to emphasize key words and phrases in the body of your article. 

Keep in mind that using italics highlights the word or phrase in a manner that is subtle and not too obtrusive to the reader. When you Make keywords bold this puts a greater emphasis on the words or phrase and gains more reader attention. Underlining a word is another way to put emphasis on a word or phrase, but it may be confused as a hyperlink. All three are great options, but use them sparingly in your article or they will lose their importance.

Stylize Keywords

To take advantage of this technique, get the best Joomla SEO plugin! iJoomla SEO allows you to automatically stylize the keywords of your articles with any of the following tags:

  • Bold
  • Strong
  • Underline