Version 2.0.8

SEO Enhancements:

  • Added "title meta tag" to code (shows the same info as "title tag")
  • Added "Tooltip/title tag" field on internal links (now called "keywords linking")
  • Now you can set the div where the keywords linking works
  • Default items on MetaTags Manager and Keywords Manager are menu items, not articles
  • On keywords manager, keywords that are higher on Google show up first
  • Added: counter for keywords meta tag (on meta tags manager)

Usability Enhancements:

  • Revised left navigation
  • Enhanced usability with instructions and videos
  • Improved language file and corrected typos
  • Added tabs to settings, re-organized fields
  • Video tutorials open in a light box, instead of linking to an external site

Bug fixes

  • If there is a keyword and a phrase with the same keyword, the automatic keyword linking will be applied to the phrase, not the keyword
  • Fixed: missing up and down arrows on menu items keywords on keywords manager
  • Fixed: verious bugs on stats not showing the right information or taking to the right information
  • Fixed: keyword linking doesn't go to the SEF version of the page
  • Mosets Tree: some pages were hi-jacked by iJoomla SEO for metatags, that was fixed

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