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"Effective, easy to use, K2 compatible and monitor the most important thing to any webmaster Keywords ranking in Google It's awesome and I mean it" -Ahmed Fouad

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"Web-JIVE started using iJoomla SEO for SEO work on Web-JIVE.com in the beginning, and after seeing the power and flexibility of this tool, we fell in love with it. iJoomla SEO is a powerhouse for Joomla SEO work since it puts all the pages meta settings on one page making for super easy SEO work, automatic creation of SEO metadata, redirects, you name it, it's a great all-in-one tool. We de-installed all other SEO tools after using iJoomla SEO. With our partnering companies (i.e. pixelproductions.com, iwm1.com, creative-instincts.biz, etc.), all now make the same recommendations to clients for our joint project work." - Eric Caldwell

"iJoomla SEO is such a powerful and useful tool"

iJoomla SEO is such a powerful and useful tool to improve your Joomla site's traffic, but it also tracks your keyword serp position. It's also extremely well documented with instructional videos for each section." -Douglas Boldt

"It makes everything so easy to manage"

"I really enjoy using this program. It makes everything so easy to manage since this site is very large." -Kris


I have been trying forever to get our site up on the first page of Google searches for the term electrostatic speakers. The only way I was able to was to buy the adword to get in the right column. Today, we are on the first page and with your tool I was able to increase the number of articles with those keywords from 4 to 9, so I am hopeful, we’ll come up even further. And this is only my 2nd day with the tool. I am a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER! Regards, Angela

Thanks @ijoomla 4 making it easy

"Up with the sunrise - enjoying the hottub and planning my day. Search Engine Optimization here I come!! Thanks @ijoomla 4 making it easy" - @alanajames (from Twitter)

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"I have recently purchased Ijoomla seo. It is absolutely Great works very well very good concept. The best feature is how automatically tracks your google ranking. I look forward to seeing new extensions from Ijoomla. It would be great if they add a yahoo and msn ranking as well. This feature just saves you a great deal of time." - Josh ourlongbeachisland.com

"Great work you guys"

"Not sure if I should kiss Merav Knafo for the new improved SEO however I do greatly appreciate all the great work her and the team as done. I was wondering if all my extension from ijoomla be obsolete once K2 come in forces. Not even 2 weeks after K2 pre was announce more great features from Ijoomla. That not only support K2 and others components giving us even more power with keyword. This you also notice that they do NOT charge you a yearly fee's like others components. Great work you guys." - Pierre Gazzola

"The new version of iJoomla SEO is sure to impress anyone"

"The new version of iJoomla SEO is sure to impress anyone looking to optimize their Joomla web site SEO performance. As everyone know, Joomla's native SEO capabilities are poor at best; limited and slow and that's where iJoomla SEO comes into play. It gives you a ton of additional functionalities to use to better your site's Search Engine Placement. Joomla is so far behind WordPress when it comes to tools like this - iJoomla SEO 1.0.3 is a huge step forward." -Tony Lindskog, JoomlaViews.com

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