Review by re.think

"I’d like to offer a few words about an extremely powerful component for Joomla CMS-based sites offered by iJoomla called IJoomla SEO.

This component certainly provides maximum control over SEO with a powerful and highly controllable interface. iJoomla SEO has been revised and powerfully updated to work with Joomla 1.5.x and delivers a 1-2 punch for knock out SEO. "

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Review by Barrie North from JoomlaShack

"Everyone needs to do SEO, its a continual point I make when speaking at Joomla events. Even if you are a local school, parents will first use Google to find information, they won't come directly to your site.

Our second Video Raw Review is on a useful SEO extensions called iJoomla SEO. Its a very useful tool to help you organize and manage you SEO efforts.

I installed iJoomla SEO and put it through its paces without ever having used it before. Raw look, no reading documentation, just install it and play!"

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Review by OpenSourceSupportDesk

"The latest edition of iJoomla SEO will allow you to manage and control your Metatags, Keywords, Redirects, Internal links and Replacements of template classes like "contentheading" into standard HTML headings. We find this component very useful, since it allows to do this from one single and well organized component interface in the backend of our Joomla site. As we have experienced with several web sites, iJoomla SEO will save a considerable amount of time when optimizing a site for search engines." Read Full Review>>


Review by corePHP team

"We at ‘corePHP’ absolutely love iJoomla. It’s a great company with all sorts of great products. One of our very favorite products is their SEO component. We’ve installed it ourselves, and so far it’s gone beyond our expectations. Want to increase traffic on your site? Try it! We’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we do." Read Full Review >>


Review by Steve Burge - CEO

"Back in March I was able to test's new SEO component called, somewhat appropriately: iJoomla SEO. It didn't impress me much. You weren't able to add metadata to menu links or third-party extensions which meant that the homepage and many key sites pages were missed.

6 months later and a new version arrived, so I gave it a spin. My opinion this time was much different"
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