iJoomla Speed Check Module

Want to know how fast your site really is? Our new iJoomla Speed Check module will tell you. Just install it into your Joomla site to see your page load time. It’s a quick, simple — and free — way to find out if your Joomla website is slow. And you do need to know your site’s speed.

Google recently announced that your Joomla loading speed will be a deciding factor in calculating your page rank. You know that a high placement on search engines is absolutely essential to your website’s success. There’s little point in having a beautiful, well-designed website if nobody can find it.

Put Your Site Speed First

Site speed is often an afterthought in the development process. It needs to be front and center. Our new module allows you to stay on top of your site’s speed, so that if it’s too slow, you can do something about it. And there’s always something you can do about it. In “5 Ways to speed up Joomla and Make Your Site Faster,” our SEO expert Matt King has provided some invaluable tips to help you speed up and optimize your Joomla site. It will make a huge difference in how much love Google gives you.

Designed for Your Site

You can control the colors of every element of the module, including the border color, background color, text color and “provided by” color, to make them work with your site’s design. If you prefer that your visitors won’t see the module, you can also select “special” as the access level. You’ll have to be logged in as admin on the front end to see your speed.

Speedcheck Admin2 

How to use iJoomla Speed Check

  1. Download iJoomla Speed Check Module here
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Choose a version (Joomla 1.5 or Joomla 1.6) and unzip that file again.
  4. Install the module and plugin.
  5. Publish the plugin.
  6. Publish the module.

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