Basic Features
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Manage MetaTags

Manage all your meta tags on ONE page, and save 95% of your time doing SEO. Our J...
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Indirect Links

Having too many links to other sites is bad for SEO. Now you can add a nofollow ta...
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Optimize Pages

Manage your on-page optimization, check for keyword saturation and more. These da...
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Monitor Keywords

Track your keywords on Google, view stats of which keywords are up or down so that...
Track & Optimize
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Google Ping Settings

The Google Ping Settings Allow You to Choose How iJoomla SEO Interacts with Google...
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Keywords Settings

Joomla Keywords Settings Allows You To: Choose the source of the keywords to be...
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Third-Party Support

iJoomla SEO supports some of the most popular Joomla extensions, which will save y...
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iJoomla SEO is fully documented to allow you to get to your SEO work done quickly ...
Automate & Streamline
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Automatic Keywords Linking

Internal linking is crucial to your SEO success. Now you can automate internal lin...
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SEO Stats

At a moment's notice, you can know exactly what is going on with your keywords and...
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Automatically Add ALT Tags

One of the hidden secerts of SEO is to add keywords to your images, do this automa...
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Meta Tags Tab Settings

Set up the options for your Joomla Meta Tag Manager, to make your experience evenb...
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Stylize Keywords

Automatically add bold and italic tags to your keywords, to emphesis their importa...
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Replace Joomla Classes

Joomla classes are no use for Joomla SEO, replace them with tags Google can unders...

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