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iSEO Gets a Makeover and Integrates with JomSocial

Great news! We’ve just released a new version of iSEO (formally known as iJoomla SEO), version 3.1.0. It’s packed with exciting new upgrades.

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iJoomla SEO Now Available for Joomla 3!

It’s here at last! The new version of iJoomla SEO for Joomla 3.x is finally ready! Now you can easily optimize your Joomla 3 site for search engines and pick up all of that lovely and free search traffic.  

What’s new in iJoomla SEO for Joomla 3.x?

New Admin Interface

The new admin is powered by bootstrap and is much, much  easier to use.

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Joomla SEO review: SEO Friendly Links and Images Plugin

If you're done your homework regarding Joomla and SEO, you know by now that a part of doing Joomla SEO is making sure you links have a title tag and images have both a title and alt tag.

Now, this is something that's often overlooked as you can see in Joomla SEO Mistake #6, because it's just one of those things that are a bit boring or mundane to do.

So today I'm going to review a little free Joomla SEO plugin called "SEO Friendly Links and Images Plugin". This plugin has a simple premise: to add title and alt tags to links and images.

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Pages Manager Gets a facelift

We've just released a new version of iJoomla SEO, version 2.0.20, in this new version we introduce a brand new look to the pages manager. This is mainly a cosmetic change that allows you to see clearly with different colors which meta tags you've optimized each page for, and how many times the target keywords show on the page, pages that don't containt the target keywords get a red 0 to indicate this problem clearly.

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New tool: iJoomla Migrate

If you ’ve been trying to migrate your site from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.7 or Joomla 2.5, you know how difficult it can be. Tools like JUpgrade have made our life a lot easier but even JUpgrade only migrates the articles and menu items. The meta tags you' ve created with iJoomla SEO? They get left behind.

If you have a significant number of articles, that's a real problem. Copying and pasting all these meta tags can take hours, and because Joomla 1.5's database structure is so different from that of Joomla 2.5 it's impossible to do make the move directly on the database.

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