Automatic Keywords Linking

Internal linking is crucial to your SEO success. Now you can automate internal linking easily.

You know that incoming links to your site are important for search engine optimization, but did you know that the Joomla Internal Links are also important? For example, linking a sales page to every mention on your site of that page’s most important keyword will help to associate that keyword with the page and improve your Search Engine Optimization, Joomla has never been easier!

Keywords Linking Manager

We’ve now made it easier to automatically link keywords. With iJoomla SEO, you can now link every keyword on your site to any one of the following:

Automatically Link a Keyword/Phrase to an Article:

Keywords Linking Article

Automatically Link a Keyword/Phrase to a Menu Item:

Keywords Linking Menu

Automatically Link a Keyword/Phrase to an External URL:

Keywords Linking Url

Automatically Link a Keyword/Phrase to No. Page (Using #):

Keywords Linking Nourl

By adding Joomla Internal Links, the possibilities are tremendous. For example, by linking across sites, you can make an agreement with a partner so they link to you every time a keyword is mentioned on their site in return for a reciprocal link on a keyword on your site. That’s the kind of cross-promotion that’s sensible and easy to set up.

Add a Tool Tip - New!

Now you can set up a Tool Tip/Title Tag for your keywords to reinforce the keyword/phrase.

Keywords Linking Article Tooltip 

Choose Which Pages to Activate the Linking - New!

If you don't want to link the keyword to the same location on every page of your site, you can specify on which pages it should be activated on.

Keywords Linking Article Linking 

Features Summary

  • Easily add Joomla Internal Links automatically throughout your site
  • Add tool tips/title tags to links.
  • Choose which pages the link will work on.
  • Associate pages with certain keywords/phrases.
  • Automatically link to any article, menu item or URL.
  • Make money by automatically linking to affiliate links.

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